Nitrile Gloves

The manufacturers of nitrile gloves are engaged in designing, producing, and supplying the products to different end-use industries by utilizing innovative technologies. They either own their independent proprietary technology or licensed technology from other market participants. The use of synthetic rubber in production aids in providing high strength, durability, and enhanced flexibility coupled with the ability to reduce hand fatigue (optimal dexterity), offering a comfortable fit, and low friction. 

Disposable nitrile gloves aid in preventing the transmission of pathogens and germs at medical facilities driving their demand in the medical and healthcare industry. Disposable gloves are generally preferred by healthcare workers to avoid cross-contamination during treatment or examination. Furthermore, these gloves provide a barrier of protection against risks associated with the on-the-job transmission of germs, blood-borne pathogens, and other environmental contaminants.

As compared to latex gloves, nitrile gloves offer various benefits such as long shelf life, low friction, and puncture resistance. Furthermore, increasing occurrences of pandemic diseases, including COVID-19 and swine flu (H1N1), coupled with rising demand for infection control, is anticipated to drive the demand over the forecast period.

Nitrile gloves are the most common gloves used in the automotive industry as they are manufactured with synthetic polymer and are latex-free, which reduces friction and increases puncture resistance. Nitrile gloves offer excellent chemical resistance, especially to grease, oil, and gasoline. As a result, their demand in the automotive industry is high.

Personnel working in the food and beverage industry use disposable nitrile gloves to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and maintain quality control. Furthermore, in food service applications, nitrile disposable gloves are used to provide protection against food-borne illnesses. When working with animal fats or citrus, you need a long lasting glove that can stand up to the task.  Our nitrile gloves are comfortable and extremely durable.  Nitrile gloves resist breakdown caused by raw meats, oils, animal fats and acidic acids. Use them when working with raw meats, poultry and fruit.  Nitrile gloves have a better chemical resistance than latex or vinyl.

Cleanrooms are commonly used by pharmaceutical companies, medical laboratories, manufacturing companies, electronic component production, aerospace, and military applications. Nitrile gloves are used for cleanroom and controlled environment applications as they offer good chemical resistance and anti-static protection. Moreover, they reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions and skin reactions that are common with latex gloves.